Episode 2

Adam Buss is on The REMarkable Podcast

The first REMarkable guest is Adam Buss

Adam is a bit of a legend in the city of Derby and has long been the champion of creativity and culture in the city and further afield.

Adam is the CEO of QUAD, the creative centre of Derby city and also of Derbys City of Culture bid.

With that in mind, it's no surprise I'm sure that this conversation covers many topics including.

  • Civic responsibility - a dull but meaningful phrase
  • Creative skills and why they are so important
  • Mentoring & guides and why they are so important to help us do remarkable work
  • The power of EQ & IQ

You can connect with Adam on Linkedin

Check out QUAD here

Here's more info on the Derby city of culture bid

We hope you enjoy the show and are the first guest of this new format? Don't forget to get in touch with questions or comments here

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About the Podcast

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A podcast where we have good conversations with people doing remarkable things in their life or work so that they may inspire us to do the remarkable too..

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Tim Elliott

Can the stories we tell change the world?

Answering this question is what drives me. In my quest to answer that question I spend my days working with leadership teams & their organisations helping them understand, design, and tell the stories about the good work they do building responsible businesses so that may inspire positive change in the people they reach.

I'm passionate about helping solve the climate crisis and through my role as climate reality leader, I'm part of a global team developing keynote talks to businesses, community groups, and organisations about how we can meet the climate challenge crisis.

I regularly enjoy public speaking delivering keynotes at conferences or internal events as well as facilitating deeper strategic or discovery sessions. The topics I focus on are responsible business, storytelling, effective communication, and purpose-driven brand strategy.

Outside of the day job you'll more than likely find me having brilliant conversations with remarkable people through my podcast REMarkable! or I'll be more than likely out running around in the hills and trails of the UK's beautiful countryside.

If you want to speak to me about speaking at an event, facilitating a workshop, or just to say hello please feel free to do me a message.

Thank you for visiting my profile,

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Steven Rick

Keen cyclist, marketer, education and tech player, Steve RIck (@SteverickUK on most the social accounts) has been a propositonal and strategic marketer for 10 years or more.

With £1m + rebrands, and launches of new products and services from a myriad of different sectors, Steve has helped start-ups, and well-recognised brands with their marketing, so has a lot to say on most subjects....Although not all of it is coherent!